What is the School Portal?

Our school portal is a platform that helps school administrators complete tedious tasks easily and efficiently. It is designed to securely send and receive images and information without the fear of losing any data. It also lets you view, print and email student proof cards, and complete and approve your staff images.

Fraser Portraits School Portal

How do I access it?

Each school will have their own unique log in to access their account. When signing up with us you will receive a welcome email. Simply click on the link or go to www.orderphotos.co.uk to log in.

Student data upload

Do you use the likes of SIMS, RM Integris or another similar management system? If you send us the data, we can provide you with images that will auto upload on to your school management system.

Data Cloud
Upload Cloud

Upload and Downloading files

Do you need to send us something that isn’t student data? Simply drag and drop whatever you wish to send and add a message. It’s as simple as sending a text! We may also send you photos or information for you to view and approve from time to time, you will receive an email informing you in this event. Our portal is super secure and only yourselves and us here at Fraser Portraits can access it, meaning there is no fear of losing data.

School Picture Proof Cards

The portal allows you to view all students’ proof cards. This can come in handy in the autumn term when students may misplace their proof cards or you need to provide duplicates for split families.

School Picture Proof Cards
Staff ID Badges

Staff Images

If we take your staff photographs whilst visiting your school we will automatically upload them on to the portal for you to download and use. If we provide you with ID badges and/or staff boards this section allows you to name and approve your design before they go to print.